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1. Quality is the key to our factory survival.
There are some Chinese manufacturers supply products to market at very competitive prices, but most their products do not conform to safety standards and cannot maintain long lifespan. BaSJa always choose quality components for products, famous brands ALDI, LIDL, QVC, WALMAT, SUNBEAM and TAURUS are used most of small home electrical appliance. All products have been GS/CE/CB/UL etc certificated. All rice cookers have been passed through 100% inspection before delivery. 

2. Patents protect innovative intellectual property.
BaSJa is an innovative OEM/ODM manufacturer. There are more than 100pcs product design patents and utility model patents to protect our pretty and smart designs on product appearances and structures. No need to worry intellectual property to chose our products.

a. Reliable OEM/ODM capability
Our experience of concentration on small home electrical appliance, especially rice cookers, for more than 15years enable us the capability to provide customized concept that fits customers’ specification and individual needs. Our foresight on market requirement endow us to design and develop nice products, such as wine cooker, food warmer, smart rice cooker etc, which come out to be very popular in the market and lead the downlight industry.

b. Some OEM/ODM product stories
Story1, Wine cooker, realize the combination of the multi-function use, such as mulled wine, making juice, disinfection, defrosting, heating, setting 40~100℃ temperature.

Do you worry how to mulled wine for big family or party? Do you need to waste many time to make different juice by one time? Do you worry about how to set the correct temperature? Our wine cooker would clear your worry and help you to save time and money for making different juice by one time. This cooker can use different bottle together to heating different juice.